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Caddy - FREE Members

* 10 Second Surf Timer
* 2:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.01/400 pages surfed
* Assign minimum 75%
* 10% commission
* 2 Downline Level
* 5% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* List 5 sites/bann/text
* Weekly Jackpot
* Residual Income

Pro - $9.99/month

* 9 Second Timer
* 4:3 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.03/400 pages surfed
* List 15 sites/bann/text
* 400 Credits per Mo.
* 20% commission
* 2 Downline Levels
* 10% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* Double Prizes in Jackpots
* Residual Income
* Dynamic Upgrades

Senior $14.99/mo

* 6 Second Timer
* 1:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.05/400 pages surfed
* List 25 Websites
* 30% commission
* 2 Downline Levels
* 15% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* 30% Comm on upgrades
* Residual Income
* Random Referrals
* Double Prizes in Jackpots
* Dynamic Upgrades
* 600 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.

Quality Sites

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Been missing a lot of those big money putts lately? We can not only improve your swing, but give you more confidence in every click of the mouse... while you putt your way to the Masters.

Clickn'Putt is exactly what you've been looking for... a feature packed and easy to use traffic exchange!

Dan Moses and Steve Ayling are proud to present Clickn'Putt, the combination of years of golf and marketing experience rolled up into one powerful program!

The potential for a hole in one is huge here. Keep in mind... Clickn'Putt is owned by two dedicated professionals with a desire to improve your marketing swing one stroke at a time!

Fact is... This program will not only improve your marketing swing, it will help you grow your business one click at a time. Dan and Steve are just the guys to take you from being an Amateur to being a Master in no time.

So, what the heck is a traffic exchange anyways?

Well, most people know that one... but that's another reason why we're here... we will also help you understand this whole marketing and advertising nightmare most people deal with when they're brand new.

We know it can be a little intimidating learning something new... but no worries here... we offer some of the best traffic exchange training online.

Oh! We almost forgot... a traffic exchange attracts other serious minded individuals dedicated to their online business. You can generate (or purchase) credits that can be used to put your website in front of these buyers. You generate credits by surfing the exchange, buying them, or viewing other member's websites. The other members are also surfing the exchange and will be viewing your websites as well.

In other words... you can generate hundreds of thousands of Quality page views by joining Clickn'Putt today! The result: more sales, leads, and JV opportunities for your business.

Get ready to put your advertising into full swing and get the Hole In One Your online business has been waiting for!

Clickn'Putt Benefits

You already know we have the the most active pro marketers online... those highly motivated individuals who are not only interested in promoting their own business, but are just as serious about seeing what other marketers have to offer as well.

With Clickn'Putt, you won't have to worry about whether or not anyone is seriously viewing your website. You know they are because every member has also chosen to be part of the program!

Want even MORE benefits? Here's a quick checklist of what Clickn'Putt has to offer:

We've developed a system that will leverage your promotional efforts by sending you a percentage of the traffic earned by every customer you send us!
Got more money than time? We put together unbelievably affordable membership options just for you... that will maximize your time spent earning page views by our top marketers.
If this wasn't enough... we've put together a list of the best traffic programs online you'll be pleased to offer your golfing chums!
Instead of forcing you to look at the same website for hours on end... we developed our system so that you can earn more in less time. We provide a short 10 second (tested for best results) timer.
We want to put money in your pocket right now... and continue to do so for years to come. So, gather your buddies today and let's play a round on us.
We reward our active members with goodies and free drinks on the house. In other words, the more web pages you view... the more quality views you receive.
Our system will take your marketing to the next level by offering you three other unique advertising mediums that get the job done.
To sum it all up... Cash, credits and referrals... must we say more?

Don't waste another minute Practicing that Swing...Take The Clickn'Putt Challenge and get Personalized Help to Improve Your Advertising Needs Today!